Wxgyhj Horizontal DAF: small, but the water environment defender


As the growing problem of water source shortage and water environment, people pay more attention on turning sewage into resource. This is also an important factor for the water treatment industry to launch sewage treatment equipment, and dissolved air flotation (DAF) for wastewater is important water environment equipment. As we all know, dissolved air flotation machine is mainly used for solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. A large number of micro-bubbles are produced in the water through the dissolved air and release system, which adhere to the solid or liquid particles whose density is close to that of water, resulting in the state of overall density less than that of water and rising to the surface by buoyancy, thus achieving the purpose of solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

The horizontal dissolved air flotation created by Wxgyhj adopts a number of patented technologies of Wxgyhj in the key parts. Among them, the GFA automatic dissolved air system efficiency can be up to more than 90% and the product has been recognized by the Chinese government as "high-tech products" and "specialized and special new type products". This product is mechanical and electrical instrument can be integrated control, energy saving and consumption reduction, simple operation, and many other advantages and enjoys a high reputation in the industry, many customers strive to choose it.

Working Theory

Wxgyhj horizontal DAF mainly includes two parts: flotation tank and dissolved air system.

(1)Flotation tank: by using advanced techniques such as distributing water and collecting water turbulence, the flow of water in the tank is basically in a state of zero velocity to prevent turbulent flow phenomenon. The skimmer upon flotation zone is used for skimming scum on water surface

(2)Dissolved air system: consist of dissolved air vessel, pump, air compressor, gas gauges, current regulator, security valve. Partial reflux pressurization is used to provide stable and high concentration dissolved air water.

The dissolved air water produced by GFA system is pumped into the air releaser by reducing the pressure. 15-30um micro bubbles from the air releaser would adhere to the suspended solids make them lighter than water, then the solids combined with micro bubbles can float onto the surface to form a scum layer that would be scrapped by the skimmer system into the sludge tank. The lower clean water flows into the clean water tank. At least 30% of the clean water is recycled for GFA system while other is discharged or pumped to next process.



Structure Features

Horizontal DAF mainly consists of dissolved air pump, air compressor, dissolved air vessel, rectangle steel tank body, skimmer system.

1. Easy operation and simple management, convenient control the wastewater quantity and quality.

2. The micro bubbles produced by the dissolved air vessel are just 15-30um, it’s adhesive with flocculant strongly to achieve better flotation

3. Unique GFA dissolved air system, high efficiency of air dissolving can reach 90%+, strong ability for clogging

4. Chain-plate type skimmer, stable operation and high efficiency to scrap.




The following is a sampling of applications that we have successfully deployed Wxgyhj horizontal dissolved air flotation (DAF).

lOil & Gas industry: Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC…

lSnack and food service industry: Secret Recipe, Asahi Beer, KFC, DANONE…

l Automobile manufacture industry: LAND ROVER, Jaguar, VW, GEELY AUTO …

lElectronics industry: SONY, SUMSUNG, FOXCONN…

lPharmaceutical industry: QIANJINPHARMACY, BAYER…

lMeat processing / slaughterhouse (beef, pigs, sheep, goats)