The importance of water treatment


The importance of water treatment:

Water is one of the most important natural resources on the planet and is indispensable for maintaining life and biological cycles responsible for keeping ecosystems in balance. Because of its importance, it is essential to find ways to reduce water waste and ensure the preservation of this important substance.

Popularly called sewage, wastewater comprises the entire volume of water that has had its natural characteristics changed after domestic, commercial or industrial use. 

It is a substance with a degree of impurity that varies according to its use, but always contains contaminants and potentially harmful to human health and nature in general.

Over 80% of the world's wastewater is discharged into the environment without treatment, a figure that reaches 95% in some less developed countries. 

Today, only 26% of urban services and 34% of rural wastewater and sanitation services effectively prevent human contact with excreta throughout the sanitation chain and so, it can be considered safe.

Effective wastewater management systems are essential to preserving human health. Here we remember the importance of increasing access to safe sanitation systems.

The importance of water treatment:

Globally, contaminated water poses major risks of diarrhea, malnutrition, and infections which cause 1.7 million deaths per year, half of them in children. 

90% of these deaths occur in developing countries and mainly because of the ingestion of fecal pathogens from animals or humans.

Disposal of wastewater and the return of the substance to the environment requires proper treatment of the substance so that it returns to adequate quality and cleanliness so that it is released into the receiving body (river, lake or sea) without causing damage to the substance. 

Wastewater treatment, therefore, is an essential process to ensure environmental preservation and maintenance of human health. The pollutants in this type of water are eliminated by applying various techniques that combined can clean the water and direct the substance for reuse in industry, agriculture and even domestic supply.

For less water to be wasted, it is essential that public treatment policies are implemented, as well as population awareness projects. In agriculture, for example, a huge amount of water could be saved if adequate wastewater storage, treatment, and disposal infrastructure were in place.

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