Product List

  • mechanical bar screen

    Mechanical bar screen is an advanced solid-liquid separation unit. It is mainly applied for municipal, district WWTP pre-treatment stage, municipal rainwater and sewage pumping station, waterworks and cooling water from power plant.

  • rotary drum screen

    Rotary drum screw is a continuous and effective fine screen removing suspended solids. It is mainly applied in pre-treatment stage of sewage treatment plant or industrial screening. Under the specified screening condition, it can remove 30%-60% of suspended solids from screened sewage.

  • static screen

    The main body of the static screen is made up of wedge-type stainless steel or screen face. The sewage will be distributed on the screen face via overflow weir. Because of the smooth screen face with small gap, the static screen can drain out water easily without blocking. Under the effect of hydraulic, the solid matters will be pushed into the hopper (optional parts) for solid-liquid separation.